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The General Assembly, with its roughly 193 members from the United Nations, is like the heart of the UN - serving as the deliberative, policy making, and representative core of the UN. It's basically a mini version of the real UNGA, giving delegates a chance to talk about important  discussions and decision-making processes just like world leaders do. So, if you're heading to HFS MUN 2024 and jumping into the General Assembly, you're basically joining in on this global brainstorming session where we all work together to tackle the world's toughest problems.


Addressing the Ongoing Conflict in Yemen and its Humanitarian impact in the MENA region

Addressing the question of Equitable Representation of and Increase in the Membership of the Security Council 

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Committee Resources

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Study Guide

Portfolio Matrix

The Executive Board

Director Vihaan Purohit

Vihaan Purohit,

Director of UNGA

“Please do not call me arrogant because what I'm saying is true: I'm European champion, so I'm not one out of the bottle; I think I'm a special one.” 

~José Mourinho

Running the best committee at this conference is literally his goal, and he is certain to accomplish that. Introducing Vihaan Purohit, Director of the UNGA, who quite honestly does not need an introduction. The GA has been his committee since the first offline session post pandemic as he believes it truly captures the spirit of the UN through being a legislative body with every member state being treated as an equal. 

The moniker “José Mourinho” that he earned from his delegation after he led them to victory at an MUN is a perfect match for him, as he embodies the same passion, tactical genius, and charismatic leadership as the legend, with Vihaan’s exceptional hair (which I am secretly jealous of) being the only notable difference between them. When he’s part of your committee there's always going to be a fresh perspective, an interesting anecdote, or a good joke that is sure to make your MUN experience a memorable one. 

His flawless chess and guitar skills will undoubtedly impress you and the perfect way to bond with him is to strike up a conversation regarding spirituality or faith owing to him being an aspiring theologian in his free time. 

Vihaan is also the go-to person when in search for the perfect quote as he has this unusual habit of watching movies and TV shows at 2x speed with his notes app open just in case there's a really good line he wants to note down. With Vihaan at the helm, the UNGA promises not only rigorous debate and insightful resolutions but also a touch of humour and inspiration, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all delegates. So, gear up for a session where intellect meets charisma, and let Vihaan guide you through an extraordinary journey at this HFS MUN.

“Success is not Final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” 

~Winston Churchill

Sun Tzu, the master of political stratagem, would fear Shivam Goyal, but you shouldn’t;  Shivam is none other than the Director of the UNGA committee at the HFS MUN this year. He is a hardworking individual, who stuns his challengers with his immaculate articulation and his straightforward demeanour. 

He loves playing chess and firmly believes that his strategic nature is what will help him succeed. However what time remains for the sharpening of wits as he is constantly entangled in his Law school work. When he’s not though, he enjoys riding a bike or he might be honing his wayfinding skills, voyaging through the globe. But these are just side quests. His primary distraction is swallowing up political dramas (He’s the one consumer for whom Netflix must create 2000 political series a year). 

Shivam, as your Director, seeks to create an environment where passionate individuals can engage in heated conversations, and of course, he wants to create a theatre for his favourite genre - drama. Most importantly he wants to provide an opportunity for others to learn, inspire, and occasionally joust. Shivam wants everyone in the MUN to be at their best, enjoy the thrilling debate, navigate complex issues, and find like-minded individuals. 

Shivam is equipped with all the tools to make the UNGA committee a success and he's ready to bring his expertise and flair to the table. Get ready for an exceptional experience, where the art of diplomacy meets the excitement of top political dramas.

Director Shivam Goyal

Shivam Goyal,

 Director of UNGA

Assistant Director Om Chakravarthy

Om Chakravarthy Rajkumar,

Assistant Director of UNGA

“It always seems impossible until it is done.”

                                                                                               ~Nelson Mandela


Inspired by the words of Nelson Mandela, Om Chakravarthy Rajkumar embodies the spirit of perseverance and determination. His confident, enthusiastic and nonchalant nature allows him to thrive in the MUN environment. Om’s passion for the MUN is deeply rooted in the fiery debate and the amazing atmosphere that the HFS MUN brings. 


When he isn’t busy revolutionising the MUN, Om is a multi-talented individual with a wide array of hobbies. He is an avid film fanatic and a literature enthusiast. However, when he isn’t busy watching movies or reading classic pieces of literature, he plays his electric guitar. With one hand! He is also an exceptional drummer. His unusual ability to sleep anywhere, anytime, anyhow, adds a touch of fun to his persona. (oh what I would do to possess this power).


As a member of the EB for this year’s MUN conference, Om is committed to create and maintain a high-calibre of debate. His goal is to create an amazing experience for each and every delegate, regardless of their experience level, and make sure that they have an enjoyable and enriching time. 


Honing to his inspiring and vibrant personality, Om is set to make a significant impact to this year’s General Assembly. With these qualities, Om will make sure everyone has a delightful experience and will leave with amazing memories about this year’s HFS MUN.

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