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United Nations Security Council


  • Emergency Session on the Russo-Ukrainian Conflict

  • Assessing and evaluating the causes and consequences of the Balochistan protests

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“Only thing guaranteed is death and taxes"


The Director of the UNSC for this year's HFSMUN, Arnav Kapoor, can be best described as a witty and wise individual (who can most easily be seen smoothing his hair). Owing to his intuitive trait, he considers UNSC to be the most exciting and dynamic committee. As the director, he hopes to contribute to making newcomers feel welcome. MUNs, he believes, are a great platform for arousing latent problem-solvers, expressing oneself, and building character. A piece of advice he would like to impart to new delegates would be to “speak up before you regret not speaking out”. Arnav is particularly fascinated by Kanye West and spends his free time diving into the world of sports and entertainment. This year, he aspires to maintain the atmosphere of suspense and keep the debate exciting by constantly throwing challenges at the delegates.

"We don't know what tomorrow holds, that's why we can live for all we are worth today"

As the Director of the UNSC, Aryaveer Singh hopes to put up an exhilarating show at the conference to manifest how SC can bring order to chaos. A sharp and dauntless leader, he is attracted to the aura of intimidation and the spontaneous nature of this committee.Formula 1 and the occasional anime are the only other things apart from MUN that keep him sane, so if you strike up a conversation with him about these, he'll be sure to continue. His favourite genre of music is Rap, and it helps him relieve academic and work pressure.

Described by his friends as "the most active and enthusiastic MUNner", his work ethic as a delegate or an Executive Board member is always top-notch. Even in the face of adversity, he maintains a cheerful demeanour, and riveting debates never fail to excite him. According to him, a committee where delegates control the flow is where the debate reaches its pinnacle. Lastly, he always wants his delegates to know that delivering a speech without substance is insignificant, but one without passion is inexcusable.



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Assistant Director

"Nothing is given, you need to take what you think you deserve."


The assistant director for UNSC, Madhur NK, is perhaps most accurately defined as a quick-witted and rather sarcastic person. A hardcore gamer, he’s always enjoyed gaming and can spend hours playing without realising it. Despite being an introvert, he stands out in a crowd due to his unflinching ability to let people know his outlook, no matter how harsh it may be. His sizeable experience in crisis committees, coupled with his introspective personality, makes him a formidable opponent on the MUN battlefield. For HFSMUN 2022, he’s committed to making sure delegates are on their toes, step out of their comfort zone and tackle unorthodox situations.

Our assistant director has had quite a fascinating MUN career. His previous committees have consisted of countries nuking each other in one moment and making peace in the next. Madhur thrives most in the chaos, and UNSC, a powerful committee, largely appealed to him due to it being the most heated and energetic event at the conference. A hardworking individual, he believes that one needs to be the ‘go-getter’. There is no doubt that he will bring out the best in the delegates, leading to an enriching experience for the entire committee.

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The Executive Board

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