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“Communication and co-operation are the bane of conflict and chaos."-  Hriday Adani

An adaptable, ingenious and stoic personality, Hriday Adani, our Secretary General for HFSMUN 2022, is a leader under whom everyone finds joy in working with. His personality attributes much of his vision. He, by holding a portfolio of great responsibility, aims to maintain the integrity and quality of the first offline HFSMUN in two years and wishes to assemble the most enterprising students as part of the organizing committee and lead them to victory, which as defined by him, is unparalleled glory and vivacity of HFSMUN 2022. A resolute figurehead, we trust Hriday to come up with a viable solution to any difficulty we encounter. After having made his mark in around 30 MUNs, he has sharply honed his skills of research, public speaking, diplomacy, and policy making. Beyond the realm of public speaking, he is a student of Taekwondo and has been a gold medalist in countless state-level championships. Whether it's a sweat-breaking sport or a Netflix original anime, he has managed to cultivate an impressive taste and range in either of them. You can now guess just how scintillating a conversation with him can be, although he has firm beliefs about both of them that you will regret questioning.

Having sensitized with the needs of the society, he has worked with Advocate Afroz Shah and his NGO extensively, to rejuvenate and revitalize the forests and water bodies of Mumbai along with being intimately involved with the alpha urbane project, one of the largest youth-led organizations in Mumbai. His message to delegates is simple- approach him with anything but do not partake in hypocrisy.


A born and bred HFSite, our Director General Meet Modi is known by almost everyone for his amazing leadership skills and his ability to command authority in a room. He attributes much of his social confidence to his experiences in the previous MUNs he participated in. He is someone who revels in an environment where the stakes are high and the issues are of global importance.
However, don't mistake him for a one-trick pony. A self-professed coding fanatic, he manages to channel the same energy into everything he does and if we might say this, the results are as good as they can be. He likes to boast how he is contactable even at 5 a.m. when he’s about to sleep and you’ve just woken up. As his favorite artist Rex Orange County would say, “You’re gonna wanna be my (his) best friend,” but only if he’s slept 8 hours and isn’t cranky. With moods that alternate between that of a typical PCM student and Mumbaikar socialite, no one could be as multifaceted as him. Just make sure you have a stellar first impression (he is a little stubborn like that) and you’re set. Lastly, a leader who obviously doesn’t stray away from showing his sporting skills, Meet is a national-level football player and has played in the I-League for India Rush Soccer Club. He also captains the School’s Football team and led them to their first coveted MSSA trophy. You can be sure of gaining his respect if you were to beat him at Mario Kart but that is far from impossible. We are rest assured that his presence will be extremely instrumental in making this conference a complete success.

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Charge D'affaires

“Trust the process and the process will trust you.”- Maaher Bhagwagar


Maaher Bhagwagar is a subtle combination of approachable, friendly, and humorous. As the Charge D’ Affaires, he aspires to keep the return to an offline medium of the HFSMUN after 2 years seamless and hopes to live up to the high standards set by previous editions of the HFSMUN. MUNs to him are knowledge emporiums, a podium for teenagers to exchange their opinions and ideas on major world issues, giving everyone a beautiful array of thought processes and ideologies to explore. A football player since 5th grade, he has won multiple times in MSSA tournaments, participated in numerous MaRRS competitions, winning 7th rank at the national championship for Word Chase and 10th rank at the national championship for Maze of Words in 2017. Always found with a pop socket on his phone, he refuses to leave his “2018 era”. His music taste ranges from ABBA to JID to Ricky Montgomery. You name a song, he’s probably heard it. His all time favourite movie is Happy New Year, and although it may rank highly in the list of worst Bollywood movies on IMDB, he has sworn to defend it till the day he dies. He doesn’t mind if you struggle to pronounce his name correctly (most people take 3 tries to get it right) but if you want to be his friend, offer him a treat to any fast food joint and he’ll be sure to accept it. If you see a 6’2 ft tall guy in the halls of HFSMUN, wearing spectacles, congratulations, you have met Maaher Bhagwagar.

“Without freedom of choice there is no creativity.” – Capt. James T. Kirk


The Undersecretary General for HFSMUN this year, Nikhil Bhatia, is best described (in the words of our Director General) as “Chota packet, bada dhamaka.” A proud “ostrobogulous” nerd, as he likes to call himself, he is a sucker for sci-fi, especially featuring the word “Star” in them (cough*Star Trek*cough), and hopes to major in physics in college. He is the most approachable person one will ever come across and has the uncanny ability to become friends with the most introverted person around, and that is a feat in itself if one might say so. He is known for his mouthy,
always-late-to-meetings personality and his massive collection of posters that can make any nerd/geek jealous. At the same time, however, he is a consummate public speaker and an experienced MUNner, having served on the Executive Board 11 times. An active member of no less than 29 MUNs around the globe, he’s what people would call, a “passionate” MUNer, and you would notice that once you hear his first speech. The perfect expression of these interests is at full display in his podcast, 'The Point Tech Podcast’, where he breaks down the latest tech news into easy-to-understand, 15-minute episodes. He has an eccentric taste in music, and his playlists can range from 'The Beach Boys' to 'Radiohead'. Sweet but firm, kind but fair, Nikhil radiates empathy and will put you at ease in any setting. Just don’t mess with his work, because he is determined to make this year’s HFSMUN an absolute success and will literally pour his blood, sweat, and tears to see it happen.

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Time is passing by, either way, you are either making progress or wishing you did 

The Undersecretary General for HFSMUN 2022, Divyanshi Patoria is the most determined colleague that you'll ever come across. This MUN, she hopes to incorporate the new and exciting, and to offer the same to those who'd be a part of this event. A girl with limitless power to imagine, it shouldn’t be a surprise that she shares a symbiotic relationship with her books, though trendily she's known to capture the crowd with her Spotify playlist.
Divyanshi leaves no piece of wonder (especially in architecture) without the amazement and admiration that it deserves. She credits her fascination in the field of architecture to Antoni Gaudi’s work in the magnificent city of Barcelona. Another sprinkle of interest in her personality is cooking, but only as long as it’s Maggi or something she hasn’t relished previously. Divyanshi's brilliance has been displayed in many places beyond academics, ranging from basketball to being a vital part of the organizing committee of several events. With her ample experiences in MUNs, coupled with her skills of being a former press and PR member, she has learned how to pull off an event successfully.
Being a multi-fandom enthusiast is a big part of her personality, from books to movies to music. To put it in words, if Taylor Swift made a musical adapted from a book, she’ll find a way to the premiere. A collaborative and interactive leader, Divyanshi will only pause after making HFSMUN 2022 a grand success

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"Don't be busy, be productive"

Our exuberant Undersecretary General for HFSMUN 2022, Janay Asher, is optimistic that all proceedings on the conference day will run efficiently under his able management and supervision. An individual who is highly capable of handling complex situations with composure and ease, Janay admits that his love for playing a great list of sports begets his calmness. Being addicted to almost every sport that you can think of (football, cricket, table tennis), Janay is a state-level lawn tennis player and has won 3 trophies at district and club levels. For him, MUNs are a great way to help one develop leadership qualities, public speaking, and problem-solving skills. A huge fan of action and thriller movies, he is also into rap songs, especially by Drake and Travis Scott. As a happy-go-lucky person, Janay's favourite pastime is watching 'Suits', and binging Bollywood. If you crack a ‘filmy’ joke, in all probability he can predict its punchline. Lastly, he has a deep-running passion for startups and his inquisitive nature keeps him updated about them, as he hopes that his very own startup, would one day, become a mass inspiration for the youth.



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“It's fun to do the impossible” - Walt Disney

A resilient and insightful leader, our Undersecretary General for HFSMUN 2022, Teesta Anand, hopes to make the organization of this year's MUN as hassle-free as possible. Teesta’s farsightedness and versatile nature plays to her strength in handling an event of this scale. Her past ventures at MUN have been magnificent learning experiences. Never having left a conference room without an award, her diffident personality has blossomed into one with a resolve of steel. She has developed a multi-perspective view of geopolitical matters, which enables her to have a greater understanding of the agendas.
One thing that Teesta is simply incapable of, is giving up. Anyone would tell you that once she sets her mind to something, you bet she'll achieve it. She prides herself on being an all-rounded individual. Besides playing the piano as well as the drums effortlessly, she has been the school topper in the Trinity College Examination for English two years in a row. Not only does she thrive in the academic field as a scholar, but also in athletics. As a district-level basketball player with several captaincies to her credit, challenges excite her, and she faces them head-on.
Music is something she can always count on to be there for her. The Weeknd, in particular, is her favorite artist, as she never ceases to be amazed by his timeless tunes. Her lame jokes are the perfect icebreakers and can diffuse any tense situation you might be in. Lastly, she absolutely loves food, all of it, and if you ever need her, be sure to check out the local pani puri stall before anywhere else. You'd probably find her smacking her lips and grinning to no end. However, if you notice her standing suspiciously close to you, don’t worry, she’s probably just comparing heights.

"Just because you can’t experience everything doesn’t mean you shouldn’t experience anything." - Nicola Yoon

Riya Singh- a frugal individual who loves to keep things organized for no absolute reason- is the perfect Head of the Organizing Committee. She is ambitious about making our first offline HFSMUN, post-pandemic, an unforgettable event, ensuring that everyone has great memories to take back home with them. She has been an integral part of the logistics team in some of the previous MUNs, and through the process, has learned effective ways to tackle problems and work as a team to achieve a common goal. Her intuitive and artistic traits are a vital addition to making HFSMUN 2022 a big hit (though her personality is nothing less than a big hit itself). A girl who can’t play a sport to save her life, Riya holds great pride in being a trained Kathak dancer and has been dancing her way through life for years now. A very adorable tradition of hers that never fails to make people smile is that she finds immense pleasure in playing the Ukulele and singing for no one but for herself. Tuning into 2000s music and Bollywood helps her escape tiring days, and to say that she is a huge Bollywood buff would not do justice to the fact that she can recite those movies in her sleep. Beyond all her moments of victory, sadly, it is her cracked phone screen that people identify her with , and well, now that is her thing.

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Head of Organising Committee

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