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Secretary-General Neev Ramani

Neev Ramani,


"If life hands you a lemon, throw it at someone"
                                                                                                          ~John Rzeznik of Goo Goo Dolls

Passionate, determined, organised - 3 words, 29 letters, but they barely scratch the surface of who Neev Ramani truly is. He is no other than THE Secretary-General of HFS MUN, the mastermind, and the one-man show behind the most epic Model United Nations conference you'll ever attend.

But don't let the title fool you - Neev's not your typical suit-and-tie type. Nope, he's all about embracing life with a dose of fun and a side of charm (HFS MUN's very own Harvey Specter). Ever since he set foot in his first HFS MUN conference, he's been hooked to it like a George Harrison fan is to the White Album. Not just because he's into global politics (although that's mostly it), but because he saw it as a chance to shake things up.


When Neev isn't busy plotting world domination - I mean, planning the conference (I still don’t believe him) - or getting summer school admits from Harvard, Columbia, Oxford, and Cambridge Universities, he's all about kicking back and having a good time. Whether he's tuning his guitar for his next solo, playing the piano, or binge-watching old Hollywood classics, he knows how to unwind like a pro.


Now, let's talk quirks. Neev's got'em in spades. He's got a love-hate thing going on with modern rap, a weird obsession with country music, and a god-pet - a cat he's convinced is his furry soulmate. Who said being Secretary-General had to be strenuous? With Neev, it's anything but.

"A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink"
                                                                                                                                                     ~Gina Carey

If you think Tanisha Chadha is just your typical Director General, you're simply very wrong. She's not your run-of-the-mill leader but a complete force to be reckoned with. She's not just creating your every day Model United Nations conference. Oh no, she's on a mission to make it the most epic, mind-blowing event ever seen. Yep, that's Tanisha for you. A girl who lives by the tune of her own voice (and her violin), and words of her own mind, but still a team player.

Tanisha's taste in TV shows might surprise you. Sure, she's all about the brainy humour of The Big Bang Theory and the regal drama of The Crown, but there's a guilty pleasure in there too—she's low-key obsessed with Gossip Girl. But when she's not glued to the screen, her mind is buzzing with thoughts of neuroscience.

Seriously, she's practically obsessed with it. Sure, Tanisha may give off that “oldie but goodie” vibe, but deep, deep, deep down, she's just a big ol' Disney fanatic who loves to indulge in activities fit for a five-year-old.

When she's not busy running the show at HFS MUN or shaking up the business world with her brand (I really don’t know how she has this much time), you'll probably find her curled up on the couch, binge-watching Disney movies.

For her, HFS MUN isn't just an event—it's an opportunity to inspire the next generation of leaders and changemakers. And with Tanisha at the helm, you can bet it's going to be one heck of a ride.

Director-General Tanisha Chadha

Tanisha Chadha,


Head of Organising Committee Nrip Swar

Nrip Swar,

Head of Organising Committee

“To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change constantly”     

                                                                                                                   ~Winston Churchill


Let us introduce you to our note-worthy Head Of The Organising Committee, Nrip Swar! An absolute stickler for details, he worked closely with the previous secretariat and knew this was his nichè calling. His experience from several organising committees in the past, combined with his ambition and drive to strive for perfection, gives us the perfect go-getter we need this HFS MUN.

Although a change-maker at heart, his approachable and friendly demeanour will erase any intimidation you feel (which you might- he’s 6’1” ) and make him the A1 fit for any guidance- whether you’re a first time delegate or a seasoned MUNer!

Excluding management, he excels in various other fields, including academia, art, and sports. Not just a usual basketball, badminton, and cricket (something he reached state level in, mind you!) enthusiast like others; Nrip’s favourite ‘sport’ is probably walking around his house, something he can do for hours. If you don’t find him at any sports arena, or his house, you might just find him in the school’s washroom, his personal-favourite spot to relax in (don’t ask us how. Or why) ! 

A realist and a perfectionist at heart, he strives for learning and improving, while still indulging in pranks, laughs, and the occasional itty-bitty trouble (something he usually gets away with, by being the favourite!). He firmly believes that we must always be better than we were the day before, something that pushes him out of bed(and to walk around the house) every morning!

With his strong support for camaraderie in MUNs and belief in winning while being in competition with others, Nrip promises to make this HFS MUN its best-ever version and inculcate inclusion and improvement for every delegate who attends!

“If you only do what you can do, you’ll never be more than you are.”
                                                                                                                                                  ~Master Shifu

F-I-N-A-N-C-E, a seven-letter word that encapsulates Abhimanyu’s world of numbers, strategy, and boundless ambition. Let me introduce to you, Mr. Gupta, the Charge D'Affaires extraordinaire with a passion for MUN conferences and a talent for turning chaos into order. Abhimanyu is the type of person who makes even the toughest negotiations feel like a casual chat over coffee, he is just THAT approachable and easy to talk to. Striving to achieve things he never thought he could do is his motto, and his quote of choice further proves it.

Since the dawn of time (well, maybe just since his school days), Abhimanyu has harboured a desire to hold a prestigious position like this in his school's MUN. Why, you ask? Because MUN conferences are more than just debates—they're like intellectual playgrounds, stretching minds and challenging perspectives (his words not mine).

When he's not handling accounts, he's either being the gold medallist of the swimming pool (I should see you in the Olympics this year), shooting hoops on the basketball court, or strumming away on his guitar and hidden under his sharp suit is also a black belt in karate, making him quite the Daniel LaRusso of our MUN.

His mission for this year's conference? To make it legendary! And remember, with Abhimanyu leading the “chargé,” the only crisis you'll face is deciding which committee has the best agendas!

Chargé d'Affaires Abhimanyu Gupta

Abhimanyu Gupta,

Chargé d'Affaires

Under-Secretary-General Harihara Nair

Harihara Nair,


"The world's not perfect, but it's there for us, trying the best it can. That's what makes it so damn beautiful."
                                                                                              ~Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Say hello to our Under Secretary General and the accidental mastermind behind the conference’s best decisions! Seriously, who needs a roadmap when you can stumble upon greatness like this? With a brain sharper than a ninja's katana and a heart bigger than the HFS MUN stage itself, Harihara Sujit Nair is the unexpected hero we never knew we desperately needed.

How did he end up in this role, you ask? Well, let's just say fate had a funny way of nudging him towards greatness. Maybe it was a cosmic alignment or just a stroke of luck, but one thing's for sure—Harihara is here to make waves in the world of MUNs!

And let's talk about his love for chess—because nothing says "strategic genius" like plotting your opponent's demise on a chequered battlefield. Harihara's out here making moves like a grandmaster, except instead of pawns, he's manoeuvring through MUN crises like a pro.


But don't let his intellectual prowess fool you—Harihara is also a man of action! When he's not busy outsmarting his opponents, you'll find him diving into the deep end of the pool, trekking through the wilderness, or scaling rock faces like a mountain goat on a mission (talk about multitasking).

Like everyone else, Harihara enjoys the fiery debate between two delegates. His dedication and organisation skills put him at the tip-top of the pyramid. With Harihara calling the shots, you can rest easy (I'm pretty sure this guy has ten brains).

“I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”
                                                                                                                                           ~Thomas Edison

Introducing Hriday Jain, the Under Secretary General and the ultimate embodiment of "life's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get"! With a dash of creativity, a sprinkle of athleticism, and a pinch of liveliness, he's the unexpected star of the Secretariat.

When we focus on the MUN, he enjoys the Night Crisis (who doesn't love a good NCC!). When he's not scoring goals or doodling on his tablet, you'll find him plotting to make the HFS MUN conference, if I may just say it's the best thing since sliced bread was invented.


So grab your blazers and hold on to your country placards, because with Hriday, this conference is gonna be a rollercoaster ride of epic proportions—with a sprinkle of madness thrown in for good measure and who knows the NIGHT CRISIS might just become everyone's favourite part of the conference—after all, who needs sleep when you've got MUN drama to keep you entertained? (Btw Hriday knows all the drama..just saying)

Under-Secretary-General Hriday Jain

Hriday Jain,


Under-Secretary-General Janhavi Dhamdhere

Janhavi Dhamdhere,


“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”
                                                                                                                                          ~Walt Disney

Janhavi Dhamdhere might look like your average Under Secretary General (is there ever one!?) but she is so much more. A passionate and frank individual with a penchant for reading, she aims to make HFS MUN 2024 one of the best and most memorable conferences ever conducted.

When she’s not out travelling (conquering) the world , she unwinds with retro 80s and 90s music such as ABBA and Michael Jackson. Janhavi is also a beautiful classical dancer, forever grooving to the timeless beats (and making everyone else dance to her tunes as well).

Heads up, DO NOT engage in an argument with Janhavi about the British Royal Family if you know what’s good for you because you will lose. She adds flavour not only to the MUN but also to her delicious food, dazzling us all with her cooking. Along with all of this, she somehow finds the time to rewatch her favourite film franchises such as Jurassic Park, Mission Impossible and Top Gun again and again (go on I dare you, ask her any trivia).

Janhavi is approachable but will not sugar coat anything also being extremely straight forward. As the Under Secretary General, she will strive towards making this year's session nothing less than interesting, entertaining and cherishable while working hard towards bringing in something new.

"In life's tapestry, it is the 1 percent possibility that weaves extraordinary magic."


Presenting our superb Under-Secretary General, Saaranya Kapur! Where do we even start for this complete all-rounder? Being the perfect student, national-level badminton player, and the apple of all her teachers’ eyes, she brings the party to life! Complete with a love for MUNning and knack for perfection, she will ensure proper communication between committees and a hassle-free HFS MUN for all!

From solving problems of the world, to forging alliances and creating new controversies, everything in the three days of HFS MUN interests Saaranya and she is a professional chaos-handler. Whether it is on the podium of committees, or on a marathon track, our charismatic Under-Sec has a passion for running and consequently, twisting her ankle.


She unofficially holds the record for the most injuries (a feat she re-achieves every other day!) and can almost always be found with a bright blue bandage around her foot, leg, or shoulder; depending on the circus-like activity she engaged in the previous day!

With true accountability, versatility and a tad-bit of clumsiness, Saaranya is going to see to it that everything is perfect ‘to the tee’; just like her Math and Computer answer sheets! She is the best pick for the Under-Secretary General of this HFS MUN and will make every delegate a fan of this energy-machine!

Under-Secretary-General Saaranya Kapur

Saaranya Kapur,


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