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North Atlantic Treaty Orgnaization 


  • Interpreting the Ambit of the Collective Defence Policy and the Use of Article V of the NATO Charter.

  • Improving Cooperative Security and Expanding Counter-Terrorism Operations.

The Executive Board

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“To live in the moment”

Our director for ECOFIN, Raghav Ramola, is a literal walking and talking endorsement of Uttarakhand (his home state). He has a bold persona, and one can never tell what is going on in his mind. However, it’s his unpredictability that makes it fun to have him around. His very first time as an EB member was an experience no less than a lesson. The absence of both the Chairperson and Vice-Chair resulted in him being the de facto chair for a few committee sessions until replacements were made. This gave him an insight into how hard it is to single-handedly chair a committee and taught him the importance of working as a team. Raghav has always been interested in the economic happenings of the world. Incidentally, most of his experience in MUNs has been with economic committees like ECOSOC and WTO. However, keeping his love for economics aside, he is a globetrotter who enjoys learning about new cultures and languages. As the director this year, he hopes to contribute to maintaining the well-being of the delegates on his committee. His social and approachable attributes leave us with no doubt that everyone is in for a thrilling experience under him.

”Be the change that you wish to see in the world” - Mahatma Gandhi

Neeheka Luthra, our Director of ECOFIN, is the committee’s social butterfly. However, one can’t help but notice how diplomatic and practical she is with her words and actions. Although this is her first venture as a committee director, her ample experience in supervising Junior MUNs and participating as a delegate in several other MUNs makes her the perfect fit. Her first MUN conference left her a little intimidated when she faced issues with the Rules of Procedure (check out our website if you want help, too!). Still, she worked through them diligently with the help of her chairs. “In the end, what matters is your understanding of the agenda. As long as you have the right information and a personal stance regarding the topic your committee is discussing, all you need to do is voice your opinions and take chances”. These are her wise words for every nervous first-timer out there. She is highly intrigued by the nature of ECOFIN as a committee since it actively deals with matters related to the economy and global finance. Her world beyond MUNs is colossal. A poet, guitarist, singer, and debater, she carries a staggering repertoire and an even more charming personality. We couldn’t be happier having her on the committee!



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Assistant Director

“You can't make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen.”- Michelle Obama


Brace yourselves because we have a crazy swiftie coming up! Sana Jadhav firmly believes that Taylor Swift is ‘the’ music industry and would crush any arguments against this fact. She has an incredibly opinionated personality and a contagious smile that grows every time she talks about football (her first love, as she likes to say) and Top Gun. This year, she just wants to share her excitement for MUNs with all the delegates,  and we can attest that she is the most understanding chair a delegate could have. She remembers her EB members being highly patient and helpful during her early MUN voyages, so this time, she wants to return the altruism to the new members of the MUN community. Her goal is to simply make them feel comfortable and encourage them to speak their minds. Well, now we have pointed out the best person you can turn  to when you are in a dilemma!

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