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North Atlantic Treaty Orgnaization 


  • Interpreting the Ambit of the Collective Defence Policy and the Use of Article V of the NATO Charter.

  • Improving Cooperative Security and Expanding Counter-Terrorism Operations.

The Executive Board


Kabir Kapoor


"The comfort zone is where dreams go to die."

~ Regina King


Kabir Kapoor, the director of NATO, is a stoic and organised individual who embodies the perfect balance between being laid-back and meticulous. As a realist, he prioritises dealing with facts rather than speculation, making him highly suitable for the role of the Director of NATO. He strongly believes that taking risks and working hard is the path to results.


What truly sets Kabir apart is his unwavering commitment to nurturing young talent. Whether chairing high school or college MUN committees, he is constantly astounded by the potential exhibited by budding debaters and orators and looks forward to sharing his experiences with gifted young delegates, helping them reach greater heights. 


NATO, in Kabir's eyes, is like a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. He believes that NATO has the potential to be the most riveting committee due to its strategic importance in international politics. In particular, this year he encourages delegates to expect a higher level of debate and to have fun while learning in the committee.


To get on Kabir's good side, delegates should be well-researched and have a logical understanding of the agenda -no half-baked opinions derived solely from internet searches will impress him. And in case you share his interest in solving the New York Times Crossword ever so often, you're sure to get (Meluha) brownie points!


Kabir Kapoor aims to make the committee a success and it is this unwavering spirit that we hope is reflected in all delegates at HFSMUN’23!

“One Piece is real.”

~ Gol D Roger


Introducing Gokula Krishnan, the Chief Optimist of HFSMUN 2023. The Director of NATO is a tornado of awesomeness in the MUN circuit of Mumbai. With his outgoing personality and extensive book collection (he's practically a walking library), you can't escape his orbit. Gokula has been conquering the NATO delegate role for over 4 years now, convinced that NATO brings out the best in delegates and has a VIP spot in his heart.

A confident and ambitious fellow, Gokula knows that the way to his good side is through killer humour, self-assurance, and a solid understanding of meeting agendas. And despite spending most of his time binge-watching anime and K-dramas (he's got his priorities straight), he's determined to make this year's conference a roaring success.


Not to forget, funny instances are a staple in Gokula's committee; he fondly recalls the entertaining moments of annoying our Director of DISEC for HFSMUN 2023, Gia Fernandes, in his committee once.


With a mindset that's larger than life and an appreciation for the genuine effort, Gokula fits right into the MUN puzzle, like the final boss that completes the game.


Gokula Krishnan



Neev Ramani

Assistant Director

"One step at a time is all it takes to get you there"

                       ~ Emily Dickinson


A dedicated and experienced member of the Model United Nations (MUN) community, we are thrilled to introduce Neev Ramani as the Assistant Director of NATO. With a passion for international cooperation and diplomacy, his commitment to fostering peace and stability has drawn him particularly towards NATO. He recognises that while UN bodies play a significant role, there is a need for alliances that actively pursue peaceful agendas.

His most prized possession is his copy of the novel "Little Women" which reflects his values of equality. This cherished possession echoes his belief in empowering voices and perspectives often underrepresented. He harbours a unique passion for country music, often spending hours strumming his guitar to country tunes. 

Although he might appear strict at first, he welcomes interactions and camaraderie. Friends describe him as a goofy individual, striking a balance between sincerity and lightheartedness. With three years of chairing experience and six years in the MUN circuit, bringing expertise and dedication to the table and a supporter of occasional humour, he appreciates delegates' wit and creativity. He adheres to the principle that one step at a time is all it takes to get one to their goals. As an avid munner and EB member, Neev holds the quality of speeches in high regard. While data-driven arguments are essential, he is more interested in the persuasiveness of delegates' speeches. Neev’s  ideal delegate captivates the committee's attention, utilizing persuasive elements to make a long remembered impact. 

Please welcome our passionate, helpful, hyper-perfectionist Assistant Director Neev Ramani!


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