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A committee that upholds the United Declaration of Human Rights, UNHRC is where the big guns come out to fight for fairness and equality on an individual level, representing the interest of the global populace. Imagine yourself at HFS MUN 2024, sitting down to discuss how to protect and promote the rights of people everywhere. From refugees and migrants to LGBTQ+ rights and freedom of speech, the agendas on the table are as diverse as they are vital. By jumping into the UNHRC, you're not just playing diplomat for a day – you're becoming a voice for the voiceless and working towards a world where everyone's rights are respected.


Attacks against Fundamental Freedoms in relation to Palestine in Western Europe and North America with special emphasis on Academic Freedom, Freedom of Association, and Amendments to the UDHR

Committee Resources

UNHRC - Study Guide - HFS MUN 2024

Study Guide

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Portfolio Matrix

The Executive Board

Director Dheer Kulkarni

Dheer Kulkarni,

Director of UNHRC

"Calmness in preparation, but boldness in execution."

 ~VD Savarkar


From making the HFS MUN more dynamic to creating cherished memories, there is very little that Dheer Kulkarni fails at (except growing a beard). Dheer is all about making your HFS MUN experience as close to the current worldly affairs as possible, and in the end, he hopes to send everyone home with new perspectives and opinions about the world. 


Dheer describes himself as being incredibly bold, preservent, and pragmatic and from what we have heard, he couldn't be more accurate. In a world where we all try to avoid small talk with strangers and hide from confrontation, Dheer, with his outgoing personality, enjoys making conversation with the workers on the Delhi metro or local chai vendors. He believes that this exercise allows him to gain insights into the life of the people of India. Being a fitness freak lately, he has been dipping his toes into mixed martial arts (so you do not want to fight him). 


Nonetheless, he savours calmer activities such as dabbling into contemporary politics or following his long-time passion of being a history nerd.  He has a way of connecting with people from all walks of life, listening to their stories, and even posing some controversial questions to them. These are just a few of the qualities that make him an impeccable Director for the UNHRC this year. 


Contrary to most, Dheer enjoys the paperwork that comes with every MUN. In his opinion, many can speak, but very few show elegantly structured policy frameworks in their proposed resolutions. In his words "I am not a fan of aggressive discourse... take a seat, put your point across calmly, and keep it civil. You're a diplomat, not a jester." (he asked us to insert this). With his resourceful nature and social-butterfly-like tendencies, Dheer Kulkarni is the perfect Director for UNHRC and is sure to send you back with treasured memories.

“If I find the constitution being misused, I shall be the first to burn it.”

~Dr. B.R Ambedkar


Passionate people manage to incorporate their zeal into everything. Anas Dhorajiwala is one of them. Inspired by the great Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, Anas fuses his passion for law with his love for MUNs to create something incredibly beautiful and unique. 


As the founder of a youth firm, he has an ardour for inspiring young minds and teaching them to articulate their thoughts in a safe environment. Not only is he a founder but also an author (the earth rotates a bit more slowly for him because how does he have the time?). As a writer, reading and writing seem to be obvious hobbies, but he also revels in boxing in his spare time. 


While he isn't busy sparring with opponents in the ring, he loves learning new languages and is completely fluent in Mandarin! His favourite thing about the MUN is watching debates break out between delegates. He finds a special joy in hearing original opinions and ideas about a certain topic and believes that new perspectives can only make a committee better. 


His active involvement in the Mumbai MUN circuit is truly a testament to his devotion to nurturing the next generation of global policymakers. He hopes to bring a sense of unity among delegates and bridge the cultural divides. He wishes to encourage a deeper understanding of international law and cooperation among young delegates. 


Eloquent with words, and revolutionary with thoughts, ladies and gentlemen, may we present to you the Director of the UNHRC (pause for applause), Anas Dhorajiwala! His nurturing nature, passion for education, and open-minded personality make him a splendid successor for the Director of UNHRC. 

Director Anas Dhorajiwala

Anas Dhorajiwala,

Director of UNHRC

Assistant Director Arhaa Gala

Arhaa Gala,

Assistant Director of UNHRC

“I think my vice would be outdoing myself”

~Kendrick Lamar


Arhaa means calm, reserved and shy, but that could not be farther from the truth! We promise you that she is one of the outgoing and bubbly personalities of our HFS MUN. With years of experience as a delegate and serving on the Executive Boards of several MUNs, Arhaa Gala knows MUN like the back of her hand. Her goal for this MUN is to have fun(that's the priority) and teach delegates about foreign diplomacy. She aims to send everyone back home with forever cherished memories just like her seniors had done for her. 


Apart from MUNning, she enjoys composing new music and even DJing (seriously, you need her for your next party!). But do not make the mistake of thinking that she is only a party animal. She is quite an athlete too! Not only is she a state-level basketball player and a handballer but also knows her way around the track and is an amazing footballer. 


One to thrive in chaos, she relishes heated arguments and the overall intense environment that a good MUN creates. She isn't scared of stressful situations, oh no-she welcomes them with open arms and somehow finds joy in them(she is truly built differently). Her ability to tackle(get it, tackle as in football) opponents on the field and tackling rough situations in a committee truly set her apart from the others. Never missing a shot on the court and never missing a good MUN, Arhaa is bound to give you one of the best MUNs of your life!

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