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  • When do the registrations close?
    Registrations close on the 2nd of August, though the earlier you register, the quicker we can give you your allocation/portfolio, which means you can get a head-start on your research. That's an upper hand.
  • Can I reserve my seat by filling out the google form but by paying later?
    After you fill out the form, we receive a "pending registration", and only once the payment is received, does it become a "confirmed registration". If, for example, someone else filled the form after you but made the payment immediately, then they might get your preferred allocation/portfolio. In essence, you cannot reserve a seat by just filling out the registration form.
  • What does the payment fee cover?
    ₹4600 is the price that you are paying to participate in one of India's best MUNs, held in a 5-star hotel, with participants from some of the most prestigious schools in the country, and world-renowned luminary speakers. A total of 8 meals will be provided over the course of three action-packed days. This also includes the high-quality delegate kits, with stationary and printed information that will be provided to every delegate. Last but not least, you are paying for some of the most experienced and well-known Executive Board members in India's MUN circuit.
  • Will we receive certificates, and what awards can we win?
    Every participant shall receive a participation certificate signed by our Principal, the Secretary-General, and the Director-General. These certificates hold a significant amount of weightage when applying for colleges. The best performers in each committee can win the highly coveted position of “Best Delegate”, a certificate of merit, and a trophy. The runner-up will receive the prestigious title of “High Commendation”, and third place will receive the title of “Special Mention”. Best Delegate High Commendation Special Mention Each of the seven committees is assessed individually, however, the best speakers from each committee are invited to the Night Crisis, a committee that takes place after hours and is only offered to the delegates based on the recommendation given by their Executive Board members after Day One. This committee has its own podium, and the winner shall receive a trophy as well.
  • Do we have to submit position papers?
    This is subjective to each committee. Whether or not a position paper is required will be made clear in the study guides of each committee or on the committee WhatsApp groups made after allocations. This depends on the committee's executive board and how much of an intimation they would like to provide to their delegates.
  • On what basis are allocations provided?
    Allocations are provided on a series of factors, primarily the committee and country preference that has been stated by the participants on the registration form, and the individual's prior MUN experience. Secondly, it depends on the availability of the portfolio in that committee, so we recommend that you confirm your registration as quickly as possible.
  • How many committee preferences need to be listed?
    A delegate must list three committee preferences and 2-3 country/portfolio preferences per committee. A total of 6-9 preferences need to be made in the format:- committee_ country 1, country 2, country 3
  • Will we be served food there, if so what kind of food will be served?
    All the delegates will be served fresh meals from the kitchens of "Meluha, the Fern" one of the finest five-star hotels in Mumbai. We will have Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian, and Jain (pure veg) food items served. From our personal experience, we can assure you that the food is to die for.
  • Is there a dress code?
    The dress code for all three days is Business Formals/Traditionals. Day 1 and Day 3 is western formals and on Day 2 it is Indian Formals. Please ensure that your outfit is appropriate for a formal setting.
  • What are the timings for the event?
    All three days will begin bright and early in the morning, however, the specific timings of the conference shall be shared with you in the form of an itinerary after your registration has been confirmed. It will also be posted on our website and social media. This includes the timings for Night Crisis and the Delegate ball as well.
  • What is the maximum number of delegations?
    A school can send only one delegation, however, this delegation doesn't have a maximum student count. It does require a minimum of 4 students for it to be considered a delegation. This is subject to individual cases.
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