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  • Deliberating war crimes and crimes against humanity  committed by Armed Violent Non State Actors (NSA’s) in the Middle East and Assessing the current threat of terrorist groups in the region.

The Executive Board

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With great power, comes great responsibility.” - Spider Man


Pratinav Deb, Director of DISEC, is a highly proactive and disciplined individual. He’s often pumped up by his military jargon and is an avid user of the 24-hour clock. An influencer above everything else, he is motivated to shape the delegates into better versions of themselves. His immense experience of more than 80 MUNs has moulded him into an impressive debater and makes him THE perfect fit for the job. During his expansive career, each experience has taught him something new. His advice to the delegates would be to come well prepared and not give up until the closing ceremony. His colossal fascination with International Security Agendas and specialisation in committees like UNSC led him to DISEC. He believes the agendas discussed in such councils are capable of building an entirely new world or destroying our present one.  Besides having played squash at the national level, he's an avid basketball player and enjoys listening to old-school hip-hop music in his free time. A mantra that he lives by is, “The only easy day was yesterday.” It reminds him that his future days aren’t getting any less challenging.  We can guarantee the fact that DISEC will be an exciting committee with Pratinav Deb at its helm.

"Don’t plan your future, pave the way for it.”

Carrying a hardworking and confident persona, Gia Fernandes, Assistant Director of DISEC, in all probability, is the best we could have had on our committee. With the expertise of chairing over 40 committees, Gia has involved herself in the diplomatic affairs of MUNs since the tender age of 13. She distinctly remembers walking into her first committee with a pink hair bow, zero nerves, and leaving with a winning smile. She gained mentors who are on her speed dial during committee crises even today, and now, she aspires to be one for young delegates. As an inveterate learner of ammunition laws, arms trade, and defence strategy, she believes that DISEC is a dynamic committee that rarely runs dry. She’s an aspiring law student so it’s no surprise that she is fascinated by international politics and illicit trade.  Moreover, as a track and field athlete who has competed in several state and national championships, she is nothing short of a jack of all trades. She is also a singer and can be seen glued to her guitar, composing a song in her mind. A committed binge-watcher of every English movie ever created, be prepared to hear several absurd references throughout the conference. 


Assistant Director

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Assistant Director

Pranav Chandiramani, our Assistant Director of DISEC, has an inquisitive personality with enviable manners. Not only is he someone who will go above and beyond to get his work done, but also his dedication to every single task makes him an ideal leader. Your go-to technophile, he is the one-stop solution to all your computer woes. Pranav often mentions just how clueless he was in his very first MUN and the efforts that he put in to make his way up. So, this year, his personal agenda is to ensure that all the delegates are interacting and are comfortable with the procedures of the committee. His inclination towards DISEC justifies his ardour for global peace and security. You are rest assured to have an unforgettable experience at the conference with him on board. 

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Disarmament and International Security Committee 

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