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  • Deliberating war crimes and crimes against humanity  committed by Armed Violent Non State Actors (NSA’s) in the Middle East and Assessing the current threat of terrorist groups in the region.

The Executive Board


Gia Fernandes


“Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies”


And our Director of DISEC, Gia Fernandes, exudes it! 


Gia is a resilient, meticulous, and distinctive personality with over 6 years of MUNning experience. This year, she aims to maintain an engaging committee and create an experience that inspires delegates to maintain connections beyond the conference.


Though at first instance she may appear a bit intimidating, once you spend enough time with her, she’ll shower you with generosity and the occasional Annalise Keating sarcasm. She gels well with delegates who work towards being the best version of themselves through extensive preparation, good critical thinking, and building strong arguments in their favour. 


On the rare occasion when she’s not MUNning, Gia plays the guitar, creates alternate Hollywood plots, and writes satire-based poetry. After witnessing a trainwreck of a situation when a delegate said he wanted to give another country AIDS, instead of ‘aid; if she had to give delegates a heads-up before the MUN, it would be to choose your words wisely.


When Gia chairs, the committee thrives on minute details and specifics, especially extensive knowledge of ammunition laws- an essential element of DISEC. With her love for defence strategies and arms trade, she is the perfect person to chair her committee at HFSMUN 2023!

“They say time is money, but turns out, it's not. If you ever go broke, time is all you've got."

~ J Cole


Our  Director for DISEC, Madhur NK, is an inspirational and priceless gift to the MUN circuit. His light-hearted humour, avant-garde thinking and uncanonical approach make his presence at HFSMUN conspicuous. As we speak of Madhur, we cannot forget to mention his undying love for his PS5 and his inspiration- the famous rapper- J Cole.


Madhur sees DISEC as a committee where delegates can expect the unexpected. Having a dynamic ‘out of the box’ thinking style and a vivid personality, DISEC occupies a special place in his heart, due to its unique agendas and lively atmosphere. ‘Confidence’ is the key to getting into Madhur’s good books (apart from bribing him with Meluha’s world-famous brownies!) Having been a MUNner for over 6 years, Madhur has witnessed various wild and 'awe-kward' moments and hopes to add new memories to his collection this year. 

Although Madhur is a busy bee and keeps himself occupied; he will make every effort to ensure that this year’s conference is as ingenious and remarkable as possible. He looks forward to adding a new and modern perspective to HFSMUN 2023!


Madhur NK



Om Rajkumar

Assistant Director

“Agar tum kisi ko puri shiddat se chaho, toh puri kaynat tumhe us se milane ki koshish me lag jati hai."

~ Om (Shaanti Om)


Introducing Om Rajkumar, the ambitious and perspicacious Assistant Director of DISEC!

For Om, it’s the vibrant atmosphere and the incredible people that infuse every session with excitement. With a knack for clarity and reliability, Om remains composed even amidst the most intense debates, lending valuable assistance to first-time delegates. His extroverted nature and empathetic personality make him the ideal choice to chair committees that may initially appear daunting such as DISEC. 


Om has shared a passion for music since childhood, casually mastering the rather impossible activity of learning to play the guitar with one hand! And if you ever need a conversation starter, be sure to bring up  "Crying Lightning" by Arctic Monkeys or his favourite film, Pulp Fiction! 


His advice for first-timers is to be confident (try to assassinate someone in the committee - not literally!), have the sheer will to learn(file some paperwork), and most importantly believe in yourself(and your country!). So, don't let being a first-timer stop you from bagging some delegate awards!

Contact us for committee specific questions at

Disarmament and International Security Committee 

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