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Head of Logistics Shivesh Kapoor

Shivesh Kapoor,

Head of Logistics

“If you accomplish something with hard work, the labour passes quickly, but the good endures; if you do something shameful in pursuit of pleasure, the pleasure passes quickly, but the shame endures.”

                                                                                                                                          ~Musonius Rufus

Meet Shivesh Kapoor, our sensational Head of Logistics! Powered with optimism and persistence, his resourceful and reliable character aims to ensure the enjoyable and smooth functioning of HFS MUN!


A true extrovert, Shivesh loves meeting new people and bonding with them over his love for MUNning and debating. When not busy socialising, we can find him on the cricket field or binge-watching re-runs of cult-classic shows. One reference from ‘Friends’ or a comment about Phil Dunphy from ‘Modern Family’ is enough to chat up an intriguing conversation with this fan!


A true economics geek at heart, he can strike up a meaningful conversation with anybody. Our Head of Logistics also spends a good amount of time with football- either playing it or watching and supporting his favourite team- Liverpool!


Responsible, goal-oriented and bright- Shivesh is a tailor-made and apt fit for heading the Logistics department and his leadership will perfectly weave into creating a seamless and successful HFS MUN this year!

“ …you've gotta make your own kind of music, sing your own special song..” 
                                                                                                                                                       ~Cass Elliot


Meet Aniyora Mitra, the go-to-guru for all things logistic at HFS MUN. Organised, dependable, and as talkative as they come, Aniyora thrives in the whirlwind of event planning, finding solace in the meticulous details. She is a multi-tasker, who is ready to take on the world with a hot cup of chai (and perfect sock-curls). From tight deadlines to high-pressure situations, she's the logistical magician you want on your team.

By the way, she's not this serious in real life, this girl's got a penchant for collecting hobbies like stamps! When not on the lookout for the next adventure, she finds comfort in Bollywood cliches and sappy rom-coms. While she is not organising (heads up, she always is), Aniyora is expressing herself in the form of art and dance. When she is trying new things, she doesn't care about what the public thinks. 

She is a determined gal who just wants to acquire a few skills. With Aniyora's limits and height reaching the stars (yes, she's 5 '3, and proud!) there's no challenge too daunting for this dynamo. As she gears up to lead this year's HFS MUN, Aniyora's bringing her A-game. Picture her, clipboard in one hand, chai in the other, ready to tackle anything that comes her way with a smile and a can-do attitude that's infectious. So, raise a cuppa to Aniyora Mitra, with her in charge, HFS MUN 2024 is bound to be a wild ride worth remembering! (P.S I still believe she's 5’2)

Head of Logistics Aniyora Mittal

Aniyora Mitra,

Head of Logistics

Head of Security Proneet Ghosh

Proneet Ghosh,

Head of Security

“I Have No Wings, So I Guess I'll look Up At This Sky, & Crawl Along The Earth.”

                                                                                                                                  ~Kentaro Miura


Focused, hard-working and no-nonsense. That’s Proneet Ghosh, our power-packed Head of Security! Confident in himself, whether it is ensuring that the HFS MUN functions smoothly, or shooting hoops at the basketball court; our in-house athlete will easily take on any responsibility and act on it.


Stemming from his passionate hate for rule-breaking, if you are doing ANYTHING you shouldn’t be doing this HFS MUN, you are sure to catch this 6 '0'' foot tall man coming your way to confiscate it, or worse, you. Although Proneet may seem intimidating at first, his obsession with cats and mango juice make him the most approachable person for all your concerns!


An avid photographer, he loves walking to the tunes of various genres and is a dedicated gym-rat. Although you may not get away with sneaking “juice” into the premises, gifting him a bunch of balloons may help ease his wrath!


Proneet is focused, detail-oriented and does not shy away from giving his all to make this HFS MUN a success. His set goals and dedication to achieve them make him a huge hit!

“Power is Power”

                                                                                                                                          ~Cersei Lannister

With a knack for argumentation, and a touch of perfectionism, our very own Head of Press, Isha Ganesan is the driving force behind every headline and article you read for HFS MUN. But why did she choose this role, you wonder? Well, writing and editing have always been her forte, so why not continue the tradition? But Isha's ideas go beyond just simply writing— one word sums it all up for her: Debate. Isha lives and breathes on just debating. (Isha and Debate could very well be the new season of Bridgerton).


Isha's entire life (well, maybe not entirely, but close enough) has revolved around words, but she can also be seen as the eye behind the camera lens capturing wildlife, the girl playing at the three point line of the basketball court, and the voice of the mic either singing or compèring.


Her penchant for debate itself is what got her into HFS MUN back in 2020 (let's just say, she's been "arguing" her way to success ever since!). And let's not forget her slightly concerning obsession with Sylvia Plath’s poems.


Isha's love for film takes a backseat when her favourite shows, especially House of the Dragon and Succession, hit the screen—let's just say, binge-watching becomes a serious sport! Her tidbits do not end there, she has a strict limit of re-reading books only seven times—no more, no less (this is worrying to say the least). Oh, and did we mention she wants to be a cinematographer (she has like 7 different hobbies somehow)? So with Isha handling the scenes of the Press Lounge, the only worry is that she doesn't sneak in a Game of Thrones reference into every headline!

Head of Press Isha Ganesan

Isha Ganesan,

Head of Press

Head of Press Anaamya Panchal

Anaamya Panchal,

Head of Press

“Life ka rule number 1- never be number 2"

                                                                                                                                            ~Varun Dhawan

The poetess and the writing geek of HFS MUN, our Head of Press, Anaamya Panchal, is here to bring the magic touch of her pen to every committee's story. For Anaamya, writing poems is her escape, and reporting with a creative twist feels like wielding a sword. She believes a good press report(with doodles on the corner) lets people experience the highs and lows of committee proceedings without ever stepping foot inside.


By the way, if you ever want to talk “Bollywood,” run to Anaamya, she can speak the language like it's her mother tongue! Her love for dancing passes on to everyone as she pulls them onto her favourite place- the dance floor(but you might just see her randomly dancing anywhere). Her horrid fear of pigeons, along with her loud laugh at the worst jokes, which are still better than the ones she makes, add an extra layer to her colourful personality. But hey, it just makes her all the more lovable and memorable!


Her mission, you may ask? To uphold the standards of HFS MUN with timely, top-notch press reports and to ensure everyone has an unforgettable experience. She makes the conference feel more like a movie through her writing, as we step through Meluha's large glass doors to see what lies ahead, guided by her words into three days of endless possibilities and countless memories!

““If you don’t have any shadows you're not in the light” 

                                                                                                                                                      ~Lady Gaga

From the slight of a movement and the look of an eye, our Head of Design, Neha Dhore, controls the backstage of HFS MUN like a conductor with a symphony at hand! With her expressive vision and a good eye for templates, she's the mastermind behind the scenes, turning ideas into visual narratives faster than you can say “Canva.”


Design fuels her passion for strategic leadership, like gasoline brought to an ignited match. Taking over the tennis court and demolishing her opponent is exactly what Neha does in her free time (Even I am confused with the word “free”).


She also takes interest in astronomy, learning about the planets and beyond. This explains why her designs are always over the moon. She is passionate about coding and learning more about the online world.


She is also a “shopper” (You will never see her repeat an outfit) and is ready to buy the entire mall. Head of Design, Neha Dhore is ready to elevate this year’s conference and deliver an impactful message through this year's HFS MUN conference. Looks like this year’s MUN is going to have the best design with Neha incharge. (At this point Canva should sponsor Neha)

Head of Design Neha Dhore

Neha Dhore,

Head of Design

Head of Design Jiiya Gahrotra

Jiiya Gahrotra,

Head of Design

"Life is not about the destination, but the journey that gets you there"


Jiiya Gahrotra, our visionary Head of Design, leads the creative team with unmatched talent and motivation. She is known for her deep passion for fostering creativity and innovation in the field of design. Jiiya’s enthusiasm is one of the many reasons she connects so well with people (excluding Kendrick fans) making meeting new people one of her many interests.


She is also quite adventurous, owing to her wanderlust nature. Not only does she love travelling and exploring unfamiliar places but she also finds peace in tales of imaginary worlds when reading the perfect book. Beyond her artistic flair is her love for taking a dip in the swimming pool every once in a while.


Despite Jiiya appearing prim (mind you she takes her work very seriously), she’s the kind to fill her notebooks with playful doodles instead of jotting down notes (could she be more relatable?).


She aims to enhance the overall MUN experience by creating visually compelling and eye-catching materials that effectively communicate information. Her skills, experience, and dedication are sure to drive excellence in the HFS MUN

"The only way to do good work is to love what you do"

                                                                                                                                                 ~Steve Jobs

Presenting our lovely and sincere Head of Delegate Affairs, Stuti Sarna! Complete with love for MUNning and a warm welcomeness for all the new-comers, she is your go-to for anything this HFS MUN! Her ambition for debating and approachable demeanour make her the most well-fitted Del- Affairs representative and assure great dedication and diligence.


When not occupied with MUNning (and winning!), Stuti can be found spinning complex Kathak ‘chakkars’, something she has trained in for years! She loves listening to music and will play a song on loop till it is ingrained into her mind. She’s a travel bug and enjoys cycling as well. With these varied hobbies, our Del-affairs Head can connect with anyone about anything under the sun!


Stuti’s observant and optimistic character is splendid to link with the experienced MUNners as well as nervous first-timers. Her admiration for Bollywood, love for bad jokes(which she laughs too much at) and zeal for loved ones and life will truly motivate her to support and mentor the delegates and foster a collaborative and inclusive environment among them, fueled by camaraderie and companionship!

Head of Delegate Affairs Stuti Sarna

Stuti Sarna,

Head of Delegate Affairs

Head of Delegate Affairs Vyomini Nathwani

Vyomini Nathwani,

Head of Delegate Affairs

"The very substance of the ambitious is merely the shadow of a dream"                                                                                                                                ~Shakespeare, Hamlet

Perfection is her personality. That’s Vyomini Nathwani, our virtuous head of Delegate Affairs! Amicable, courteous, and diligent; she is here to make sure that all our lovely delegates feel at ease. With her dedication and effortless grace, she is sure to uphold the prestige of HFS MUN and ensure that every delegate has an immersive as well as engaging expedition in this complicated world of diplomatic discourse. Deeply inspired by debating, Vyomini believes the world of MUNs has shaped her as an individual; and wants the same for every delegate of this HFS MUN.


Not just debating, she also enjoys crafting articles for social causes by philanthropic organisations and organising school events(with utmost precision, ofcourse!). Talking about Oscar Wilde or Jane Austen is sure to get this literary nerd’s attention and she won’t shy away from critically analysing anything you say.


A rather positive conversation-starter with this endearing animal-lover is to mention anything about dogs, or her own shih-tzu, Fairy, whom she is unfathomably fond of!


Overall poised, dedicated and attentive to detail, our wonderful head of Del- Affairs’ keen sense of organisation will hold this HFS MUN together for everyone to enjoy!

"If you don’t get out there and define yourself, you’ll be quickly and inaccurately defined by others.”
                                                                                                                                  ~Michelle Obama

Our brilliant Head of the Department of Public Relations, Bhavya Varma! Ever danced at a party for hours with somebody you met AT that party? That’s Bhavya! 

With a keen eye for social trends, she navigates the 'Instagram world' effortlessly, making her the perfect fit for the role and ensure that people will look back on the conference as the "the good old days."
Versatile and detail-oriented, she brings a creative spark to everything she does, whether it's choreographing a graceful Bharatanatyam routine or painting a masterpiece. Her outgoing and approachable nature enables her to effortlessly make friends wherever she goes!

When she's not immersed in Bollywood movies or belting out "filmy" dialogues every 2 minutes, you'll find her sitting at a beach,  watching the sunset. With her love for swimming, listening to music , and spending time with friends, she cherishes every moment. Fueled by her desire for drawing in newcomers to the conference, Bhavya aims to turn it into an unforgettable experience for everyone involved!

With a knack for organizing events and a love for the little things, like MUN brownies and impromptu photoshoots, she thrives in the buzzing atmosphere of the conference, leaving her mark wherever she goes.
Bhavya is a superb communicator and never backs down from a challenge. She aims to use her leadership and create the best experiences for all members of the PR team, as well as delegates, spreading the magic of the HFS MUN further!

Head of Public Relations Bhavya Varma

Bhavya Varma,

Head of Public Relations

Head of Public Relations Riddhima Dubey

Riddhima Dubey,

Head of Public Relations

"I dont chase, I attract. What’s meant for me, will simply find me.”

                                                                                                                                       -Kendall Jenner

Calm, cool and composed- that’s Riddhima Dubey, our resourceful Head of Public Relations! With aims to be rich and unbothered, she is definitely on the right track with her rationality, ‘chill-ness’ and creative content creation.


Her ambitious character and innovative approach to increase the reach of HFS MUN’s instagram page makes her your number one for anything social media- from choosing the song that has ‘just the right vibes’ for a story, to editing the most complicated reels. If you ever find yourself needing lipgloss, this girl is your saviour!


She believes social media is very important in today’s day and age and keeps up with all the trends, making her Gen-Z lingo too advanced, for even fellow Gen-Zers! Nothing on the internet escapes her. She knows everything.


But not just that, our multi-talented powerhouse also enjoys smashing shots at the tennis and badminton courts when she gets the time. That , combined with her love for painting and cooking, make her the perfect all-rounder!


Passionate about bringing together different delegates from all backgrounds, she is sure to ensure a proper flow of events and smooth functioning of PR, only contributing further to the perfect Public ‘Reel-ations’ of this HFS MUN.

“Don’t let your past blackmail your present to ruin your beautiful future”

                                                                                                                        ~Dr. Jug, Dear Zindagi

Meet our hardworking and talented Deputy Head of Public Relations, Hemanya Puri! Much like her optimistic quote, she too advocates letting go and living in the moment. Her love for editing reels makes one feel like she was meant to lead the department! Her strive for perfection is seen in the hours she spends finding the perfect audio for any occasion (and nailing it, too!).


She should be on your speed-dial for when you want Bollywood recommendations, as this girl loves binge watching them and has every dialogue and hookstep memorised! This is, ofcourse, only when she has the time, for she’s usually busy socialising or being with her friends. You can also catch her chilling at the pool, or engaging in graceful Kathak performances!


Being an enthusiast for the MUN, she thinks of it as a chance to not only meet new people, but also make some life-long bonds. Also, who doesn’t enjoy pretending to be an adult in new blazers and heels?


Hemanya is the kind of person you feel like you’ve known forever when you meet her for the first time. She will make sure everyone looks back at this event 20 years down the line with sweet reminiscence and joy! Creative, friendly, and outgoing; she will make sure everything functions smoothly and make you feel right at home, this HFS MUN!

Head of Public Relations Hemanya Puri

Hemanya Puri,

Deputy Head of Public Relations

Head of Photography Hasini Chaluvadi

Hasini Chaluvadi,

Head of Photography

“People are going to judge you anyway, so you might as well do what you want.”

                                                                                                                                             ~Taylor Swift

Hasini Chaluvadi is a lot more than a face behind a camera; she’s a leader who encourages everyone around her to be better. Hasini believes in being true to herself (no matter how embarrassing the truth is). She’s artsy and creative, apparently, she’s quick on her feet and she’s sincere. Obviously, she’s the head of photography, so she needs to snap photos, and in these photos, she tries to capture a memory (she’s always the one taking photos so no one can take hers).


When she is not behind a camera she enjoys different interests which range from crochet to classical dance, she likes to listen to Taylor Swift's music (at this point who does not), and she loves to repurpose some of her photographs by folding them into beautiful origami figures. Now as she takes on the responsibility of being Head of Photography, she wants everyone in her team to work together diligently and take photos which have deeper meanings for the HFS MUN 2024.


But all this MUN business aside she’s still Indian, and which self-respecting Indian does not find tea inspiring? (She and I are judging whoever doesn’t) Her nonchalant, confident attitude makes her the perfect candidate for leadership, and her ability to recite Tangled by heart makes her the perfect person to waste some time with.


Presenting Hasini Chaluvadi -Head of Photography. Rest assured she’ll snap every moment that you want to remember, and be careful she might just take a few snaps of the moments you don’t.

“When you’re backed against the wall, break the goddamn thing down.”

                                                                                                                                     ~Harvey Specter

Head-strong, resilient and focused- that’s Aryan Jhamb, our amazing Head of the Photography Department! Whether you are argumentative with aggressive expressions, or more poised with phrases that cut, he is sure to capture your emotions in a single click and make it tell tales. With a passion for story-telling through images, he is here to make sure that each delegate’s unedited emotions are aptly justified through the lens of both, his eyes, and his camera!


Although working behind the scenes (quite literally!), Aryan surely occupies the front stage in any social situation with his knack for socialisation and super-power of making any boring situation fun! This ‘fun’ can soon turn on you and range from anywhere between a harmless insult, to a rather harmful karate encounter. Trust us, the latter is something you do not want to engage in(he’s a Black Belt). But, one swift ‘Suits’ reference or Ed Sheeran song is sure to steer you away from that danger! God forbid that doesn’t work, a conversation about ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ or the classic- ZNMD, is always at your rescue to intrigue this fan!


He is fueled by admiration for social and political conflicts and how young delegates fervently handle them. Be it anger, frustration, or some good-old making-up of petty quarrels, Aryan is sure to catch the rawest reactions. Not limiting the talent to himself, his entire team is sure to catch the sentiments of these delegates on their three- day long emotional roller-coaster, that is this HFS MUN!

Head of Photography Aryan Jhamb

Aryan Jhamb,

Head of Photography

Head of Information Technology Aarush Agrawal

Aarush Agrawal,

Head of IT

“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”

                                                                                                                                                 ~Steve Jobs

The wizard behind getting the HFS MUN site up on time is none other than our Head of Information Technology, Aarush Agrawal. While Aarush loves peeking through the curtain to get a view on the front of the stage, his work behind the scene is where the real action takes place, he's the silent hero ensuring that every digital aspect of HFS MUN runs like a well-oiled machine. Plus, he's eager to sharpen his problem-solving skills and level up in the field of technology—talk about killing two birds with one byte!


You will always find Aarush in reading mode, with a good book in hand expanding his limits of knowledge or plotting his next strategic move on the chessboard. (IT guys are a different level itself) For Aarush, the most fulfilling part of an MUN conference is witnessing the collective power of delegates coming together to tackle real-world issues. It's like witnessing the birth of new ideas and solutions right before his eyes, and he wouldn't trade that experience for anything in the world.


With Aarush tackling the digital maze of HFS MUN like a pro, you can bet there won't be any "404 Errors" on his watch!

“Oh yes, the past can hurt. But you can either run from it, or learn from it.”

                                                                                                                                 ~Rafiki (Lion King)

Merlin may only be fictional, however, Rehaan is very much real, and rather than magic, he employs the power of BlueJ to complete his quests. He wrote an entire paragraph of his qualifications (Certified in Python by Harvard, good at HTML, CSS… Everything that’ll go over our heads), and I suppose that’s proof enough for him to claim the spot of Head of Information Technology for this year’s HFS MUN.


If he were a Professor at Hogwarts (Which he would love to be), he would probably be Flitwick, the professor who taught charms, since he loves coding and making computer elements do what he wants.


And he’s not always sitting at a desk with a mouse, sometimes it's a bat (a cricket bat, that is). He follows all the cricketing leagues of the world-from the IPL to the PSL  (How does he keep up with matches at 3 am? Perhaps he is a bat). His favourite player is Keiron Pollard, a veteran of his favourite, the Mumbai Indians. Just like Pollard, he too comes in clutch to deliver wins. And besides using a keyboard for CSS he also uses a different keyboard to play the work of Amadeus. He loves reading (fiction only though. Ironic for someone in the HFS MUN).


He is equipped with all the necessary tools (you’ll find in the taskbar) to, in his own words, “introduce a new sphere of technology to the MUN this year”.Even though he’s not the best at debate, he loves to listen to arguments, and I for one can make a very good argument on why he’ll be the best IT head we can get (within 10 kilometres of the MUN venue).

Head of Information Technology Rehaan Kumar

Rehaan Kumar,

Head of IT

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