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Indian Crisis Cabinet


  • 1947. Dividing a Nation: The Partition of India and the Birth of Pakistan

The Executive Board


Abhimit Suman


Your real strength comes from being the best “you” you can be. So who are you? What are you good at? What do you love? What makes you, “you”?

~ Po


Determined, adaptable, and perseverent, our Director, Abhimit Suman, has had a soft corner and fascination for the ICC ever since he was in eighth grade. It's the unrivalled scope for drama, the electrifying debates, and the human touch that draws Abhimit to this committee like a magnet.  


While he might appear unapproachable at first, deep down, he’s a softie with a heart full of warmth and compassion. His support and care reveal themselves through his sage advice, often unsolicited, and those closest to him bear witness to his exclusive cornucopia of reality checks. 


The transparency in his nature is also something that Abhimit expects from others (so sweet talk is definitely something that might backfire with him as your director!) Grit and determination, and the delicate balance between a hunger for victory and the spirit of healthy competition truly impress him. 


If you’re fortunate, you may be able to catch a glimpse into what lies behind Abhimit’s intimidating facade. As comedic relief in moments of crisis, you may witness his humorous and fun-loving side as he reenacts Ranveer Singh’s butter knife scene from ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’. Join the ICC to watch him direct the committee to new heights of excitement!

"We're all told we don't stand a chance, and yet we stand. We break, but we keep going, and that is not a flaw. That's what makes us"

~ Elliot Alderson, Mr Robot


Meet Nikhil Bhatia, the Assistant Director of ICC for HFSMUN'23. For Nikhil, this appointment marks a significant moment as his MUN journey comes to a full circle - leading him back to his first-ever committee, for his final conference.


With more than 40 conferences under his belt, Nikhil has traversed the globe, delving into various types of committees. His passion for MUN lies not only in his extensive experience as a delegate and chair but also in his role as the Under-Secretary-General at HFSMUN 2022!


Clumsy in the most endearing way, Nikhil manages to effortlessly navigate through any situation with his disarming demeanour. People are naturally drawn to him, fascinated by his ability to make connections and form lasting friendships.


Nikhil has an old soul that is reflected in his personally curated mixtape on a cassette– featuring artists like Car-Seat Headrest, Radiohead, and Neutral Milk Hotel. His appreciation for the past extends beyond music and into his morning routine where he demonstrates meticulous care in grinding coffee beans, savouring every step of the process, and extracting an exquisite depth of flavour. Although it may take him a good 15 minutes to prepare a single cup, Nikhil firmly believes that the wait is well worth it, resulting in a truly exceptional coffee experience.


As the Director of ICC, his engaging nature, profound MUN experience, and vibrant personality, we promise you're in for an unforgettable experience in his committee!


Nikhil Bhatia



Arjun Aniruddha Patel

Assistant Director

“Do or do not, there is no try.”

~ the best character in Star Wars, Yoda

(Don’t challenge our Assistant director of ICC otherwise!)


Bold, resilient and easygoing, Arjun Aniruddha Patel, is ‘the’ guy when it comes to Indian politics.  His fascination began when he started paying attention to the news out of sheer boredom, little did he know, he would become a walking talking encyclopaedia on Indian politics a few years down the line. He has a knack for converting a General Assembly into a Crisis Committee, so it isn't surprising that he’ll take on this role with the bold enthusiasm of an ardent politician.


Although Arjun comes with the occasional dose of bad jokes, he knows when to turn his productivity on (just like his hearing aids) and get work done. Always engaging himself in different activities, delegates can get on his good side by exhibiting confidence and accomplishing something beyond what meets the eye.

During his free time, Arjun binges YouTube videos on ‘Mapping’, bringing out his creative side as he comes up with alternate histories about various countries. His peers describe him as outlandish, thus it is safe to say that he is the “wildcard” of his friend group.


Though it is Arjun’s first time chairing at HFSMUN 2023, his prior performance in Model UNs provides evidence of his great potential -he may or may not infuriate countries into declaring wars. However, we can guarantee you, with his skills, he will turn every limitation into a well-executed opportunity!

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