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Inside the hallowed walls of the Indian Crisis Cabinet, delegates will get behind-the-scenes and step into the shoes of India's top decision-makers, confronting dynamic and urgent scenarios tailored to the nation's unique geopolitical context. By immersing yourself in the ICC, you're not just role-playing - you're actively shaping the course of events, exercising leadership under pressure, and fostering diplomatic solutions in the face of adversity. In the ICC, you're not just a delegate - you're a catalyst for change in the midst of an entire country ridden with new crises every other minute.


Deliberating upon the Situation Post the Demolition of the Babri Masjid and its Consequences

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The Executive Board

Director Aryaveer Singh

Aryaveer Singh,
Director of ICC

“Creativity without business is exploitation; business without creativity is a waste of time.”



Introducing Aryaveer Singh, the brilliant and ever-so-unforgettable Director of the ICC at HFS MUN. Known for his razor-sharp intellect, relentless persistence, and an infectious sense of humour, Aryaveer is all set to turn this year’s conference into a legendary event. His journey with HFS MUN is nothing short of epic, building a legacy as vibrant as the conference’s reputation for excellence and top-notch hospitality. 


Aryaveer’s passion for political debates is downright electrifying. He doesn’t just discuss global issues; he transforms debates into a thrilling roller-coaster ride through the wild world of international relations (his discussions are more exciting than a season finale of your favourite TV show; with every argument a plot twist you didn’t see coming). And when he's not navigating the labyrinth of geopolitics, you’ll find him binge-watching Netflix series or catching the latest Formula 1 race. Whether he’s dissecting a complex storyline or cheering for his favourite driver, Aryaveer’s interests add a delightful zing to his leadership style.


As the Director of the ICC, Aryaveer is committed to creating an exciting and memorable crisis arc for all delegates. His vision is to transform each session into an immersive experience where delegates are not just participants but active architects of solutions. The crises he orchestrates are designed to challenge conventional thinking, encouraging delegates to push the boundaries of their problem-solving skills. Under his guidance, the ICC committee promises to be a crucible of innovation and strategic thinking, where every decision made could potentially alter the course of debate.

"We're all told we don't stand a chance, and yet we stand. We break, but we keep going, and that is not a flaw. That's what makes us"

~Elliot Alderson from Mr. Robot


Meet Nikhil Bhatia, the Assistant Director of ICC for HFS MUN 2024. For Nikhil, this appointment marks a significant moment as his MUN journey comes to a full circle - leading him back to his first-ever committee, for this conference.


With more than 40 conferences under his belt, Nikhil has traversed the globe, delving into various types of committees. His passion for MUN lies not only in his extensive experience as a delegate and chair but also in his role as the Under-Secretary-General at HFS MUN 2022!


Clumsy in the most endearing way, Nikhil manages to effortlessly navigate through any situation with his disarming demeanour. People are naturally drawn to him, fascinated by his ability to make connections and form lasting friendships.


Nikhil has an old soul that is reflected in his personally curated mixtape on a cassette– featuring artists like Car-Seat Headrest, Radiohead, and Neutral Milk Hotel. His appreciation for the past extends beyond music and into his morning routine where he demonstrates meticulous care in grinding coffee beans, savouring every step of the process, and extracting an exquisite depth of flavour. Although it may take him a good 15 minutes to prepare a single cup, Nikhil firmly believes that the wait is well worth it, resulting in a truly exceptional coffee experience. As the Director of ICC, his engaging nature, profound MUN experience, and vibrant personality, we promise you're in for an unforgettable experience in his committee!

Director Nikhil Bhatia

Nikhil Bhatia,
Director of ICC

Assistant Director Jay Khanna

Jay Khanna,
Assistant Director of ICC

“Man is a political being”



In the chaotic game of life, certain people create and carefully follow the rules of society, no matter the situation. And Jay Khanna is definitely one of these people. The kind who believe in order and honour. Whether it is a structured debate about the legal matrix in Indian committees or the works of Aristotle and Immanuel Kant (which he insists you discuss with him), he is always suited up to take on an electric conversation. 


But of course this is just one of his many skills. Jay loves to follow and, may I say, is quite a connoisseur of philosophy. He strongly believes in the teachings of various philosophers; in fact, he is a bit of a teacher himself. He takes great joy in imparting his wisdom and knowledge to his juniors. 


After all of this, he occasionally takes pleasure in a game of chess, for which he strategises like it's a battlefield (honestly it’s the only way to play). Or even an old school round of golf. I mean after an entire day of heated debate, why not blow off a little steam. So beware, because Jay is going to set fire…actually cleverly spark this year's HFS MUN as the Assistant Director of the ICC. And I can assure you that Jay Khanna is not leaving the room without teaching you a little something. 

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