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Indian Crisis Cabinet


  • Addressing the aftermath of the 1857 Indian Rebellion and developing a plan for Indian self-rule.

The Executive Board

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'It doesn't matter how many times you fail, you only have to be right once.'- Mark Cuban


Our director for ICC, Soham Gupta, is quite a fan of Indian history and has been on crisis committees for most of his MUNning career. He has bagged awards at almost every conference in which he allowed his charming presence to radiate in. Nevertheless, his passion for MUNs continues to cultivate. He hopes to give delegates a new and unique experience by engaging in new crises throughout the three days. Thanks to his fedora, you wouldn’t need our advice on how to spot Soham in a large crowd. His affable personality makes him very approachable, just remember these five things: Basketball, F1, Cricket, Chess, and Pokemon. Keep in mind that his tall and intimidating form is usually a cover for his tedious pranks. (Note: He’s also a GK nerd, so brace yourself for some witty banter throughout the committee.) Having said the words, “White Collar is the greatest show of all time”, he is the guy you go to for procedural crime/police drama recommendations. Lastly, if we could nominate people to be your MUN gurus, he’d be first on our list.



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"You're crazy till you're successful. Then, a genius." - Saksham

Saksham Jha, our Director of ICC for HFSMUN 2022, is the most gregarious person you will ever meet. He possesses an enigmatic personality, but at the same time, is very eccentric and determined. You’ll find him saying 'fair enough' at the end of every sentence, but trust us, he actually considers your words and may randomly mention them against you later. If you’re one who can ramble about race cars and NBA matches for hours, congratulations, you’ve met your new companion (and now, you can guess how to be the best delegate in ICC).

He has attended over 24 MUNs and has been one of the most competitive MUNners in HFS. Saksham believes that learning takes place in its purest form when you remove the fear of being judged and criticised. He’s extremely approachable, therefore do not fret about bombarding him with your questions!

As a crisis delegate at heart, he is always attracted to chaotic committees with a group of enthusiastic delegates, driving it to success. With his endless humour and anime references, he will surely make you burst into laughter. 

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Assistant Director

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“With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one's ability, one can build a better world.” –Dalai Lama 


An ambitious and highly extroverted individual, Om Rajkumar, Assistant Director for the ICC, can easily be spotted at the center of a mid-session pandemonium. As an avid MUNner, he has experienced several such scenarios: his favorite being when the delegate of Russia tried making a directive where they planned to kill the president of the United States using *you heard it right* a shower! 

He is an aficionado of crisis committees with a sweet spot for Indian committees. It is the animosity between portfolios that keeps him exhilarated as a chair and as a delegate. 

When it comes to extracurricular activities, Om leaves no stone unturned. He is a prominent musician and a club-level football player. An admirer of books, he spends a majority of his leisure time diving into the imaginative portal of characters. Om strives to contribute and ensure that everybody has a great experience at this year’s conference.

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