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The HFS MUN may be a model simulation, but the League of Nations brings alive all the real-world tasks and troubles. Armies walked the earth, waged wars, did irreversible damages and left. Now, our bright, young, blazer-clad delegates will step out of their polished shoes and into those of some great minds. With fiery arguments, raging rebuttals and unsolved historic dilemmas, this constant crisis committee will keep everyone who attends (or hears) on their toes. 


Examination and Ratification of the 1932 Lytton Report on the Manchurian Crisis

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The Executive Board

Director Gokul Gughan

Gokul Gughan,
Director of LON

"A lock that can be opened by many keys is a bad lock but a key that can open many locks is a good key"



Gokul is possibly that one “good key” that opens countless doors for delegates to have fun and better themselves; And this key will be yours for the year, as he takes up the position of director. He has a refreshing personality, the gift of humour, and a zeal for dancing (but the world’s greatest gift to him are K-Dramas). 


He firmly believes that MUNs are all about having fun and he wants to encourage young delegates to develop a love for MUNs. Gokul loves MUNs because they are filled with debate and discussion. Psyche! He loves MUNs because he gets to do whatever he wants with his assigned nation: trash it or build it up. Gokul is ready to chair this year and his optimistic personality and zest for life will create a lifelong experience for his delegate. Just don’t make him sad, he’ll start watching K-Dramas. 

"All Glory Comes from Daring to Begin" 

~Eugene Fitch


The personification of daring and determined, Mashaa Balani. The Director of the League of Nations Committee perfectly embodies her personal philosophy, that, for every achievement, one is required to act. Her drive for success and achieving something others would consider unrealistic is truly unmatched. Her unconventional methods may seem unorthodox but in her words, “when life throws you lemons, you might as well make a lemonade, a lemon pie, and a lemon meringue!”. She lives for the action, twists, and turns of the committee, (which she hopes to see a lot of this year). 


But, of course her eccentric qualities does not mean that she does not have a couple of traditional hobbies, like basking in that art of literature. Sometimes, it is reading (more like hoarding) books, and sometimes it’s writing her own beautifully crafted poems. But, whether it is immersing herself in other people's journeys or experiencing her own spontaneous little adventures, Marshaa is a sucker for a good story. 


She strives to understand the passion that drives an individual, and even an entire committee. Her intuitive skills help her gain a pretty spectacular perspective of every situation. There are many things she loves about MUNing aside from heated debate, like the fashion (honestly what self-respecting teenager doesn’t like dressing up as a lawyer and bossing people around?).


With her whimsical qualities and zest for plot twists, Marshaa Balani is surely going to bring a plethora of action-packed discussions to HFS MUN.

Director Marshaa Balani

Marshaa Balani, 

Director of LON

Assistant Director Sidharth Mohanty

Sidharth Mohanty,
Assistant Director of LON

"Don't tell a lie to a liar, don't play fair in a fixed game." 

~James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem


If life were a game of chess, Sidharth would be the grandmaster. His deep thoughts on systems that are flawed, committees without rule and fairness and his knack for navigating them to make him the cream of the crop for the position of Assistant Director at the League of Nations Committee. Confident and dedicated (just ask him about his relentless quest to beat Elden Ring), Sidharth's passion is unmatched, be it for MUNs whose experiences he describes so vividly, recalling the driving rush of anxiety, excitement, and anticipation, or for his love for 2000s dance-punk music (ever heard of it?) keeps him inspired and drives him to learn something new everyday on how to run a committee.


Sidharth thrives on the dynamic, moment-to-moment action of MUNs—the debates, the exchange of ideas, the brilliant minds uniting to solve problems. He's not just eager to listen to delegates' pleas for POIs but to learn a great deal from them as well. When he's not immersed in MUNs, you'll find him jamming to his favourite albums (with Daft Punk's Discovery on repeat), staying updated on current events, or rewatching Scorsese classics.


Ready to lead this year's MUN to victory, Sidharth is excited to share his nostalgic experiences and direct the most captivating conversations of the conference. But let's be real - what he’s really excited about is to finally have the chance to shout “decorum” at the top of his lungs with authority.

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