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United Nations Human Rights Council


  • Deliberating the right to expression and belief of people globally, through international cooperation.

  • Determining the extent to which the right to information is a fundamental human right.

The Executive Board

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"The only reason to do anything is to have fun, and after a point the only way to have fun is to win."

WHO’s the Director this year again? 

Kabir Kapoor has been associated with HFSMUN in the past, both as a delegate, and as a director. He is not as intimidating as one might perceive from his apparent judgy aura. Over time, you would realise that he is actually very  amusing and sarcastic in nature, all while being a realist too. One could talk to him about anything ranging from F1 to Marvel to NBA without being worried about boredom. Recollecting his first MUN experience, he remembers just how scared he was, but reassures the first-timers that they’ll overcome it in no time. He considers this year’s agendas to be fun and unorthodox, and advises his delegates to represent their countries to the best of their abilities. His goal for chairingat WHO this year, is to ensure that each and every delegate learns something and leaves with more knowledge and confidence than what they started the colloquium with.

"If you’re not scared, you’re not taking a chance, and if you’re not taking a chance, then what the hell are you doing? " - Ted Mosby

Although, at first glance, our Assistant Director of the WHO, Kyra Sandhu, may seem faintly aloof,  she exudes enigma, elegance, and intelligence. worry not, because this year her goal is to make the delegates comfortable and HFSMUN 2022 memorable. She has zero filter and, nevertheless, she is an absolute sweetheart when you get to know her. According to her, honesty isn't just a policy — it's a lifestyle! She can't help but speak her mind about exactly how she feels regarding any situation. The last time she co-chaired, she held the delegate of Russia at gunpoint by the end (he had it coming). Her advice to the delegates is to brace themselves as the agendas might put them in a spot and push them out of their comfort zone. Besides  being an avid swimmer, she also enjoys painting and playing the guitar in her free time. If that was not impressive enough, she is also a humanitarian, which is reflected in the social work she has done in the past few years on mental health, the Covid crisis, and several other fundraisers. We couldn’t have gotten a better fit for WHO!


Assistant Director

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Assistant Director

“We all should be challenging ourselves to create our own masterpiece in some way, shape or form, and mine's not finished.”


Our Assistant Director of the WHO, Mihir Mahadevan, is logical and unique, striving to create something distinctly his own that will leave a mark on the world. His first MUN was rough, having misunderstood the concept and coming under-prepared. However, by the end of the first session, he had gotten the hang of it and managed to get recognised as well! Naturally, his advice for first-time MUNners is to be confident and familiar with the workings of the conference. More importantly, when in doubt, do not hesitate to approach the chair. Besides MUNs, Formula 1 and cars get him thrilled. The sound of a naturally aspirated V10 engine is music to his ears. Being fond of history and culture, he loves to travel around to different places in the world and discover their hidden beauty. As the Assistant Director of the WHO, he wants to guide and pass on his experiences to the delegates, especially the first-timers, and encourage them to express their views. He aims to give constructive feedback and improve the overall quality of debate and presentation at the conference. Mihir lives by the policy of changing all that is possible, accepting what cannot be changed, and understanding the difference between the two. He enjoys navigating through different problems to arrive at a logical conclusion and that is why we trust him to carry out the conference seamlessly.

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