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Economic And Social Council 


  • Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of de dollarization, and the introduction of other more stable currencies as substitutes.

  • Addressing the role and importance of free journalism in protecting civil liberty and freedom of speech.

The Executive Board


Navya Luhadia


“If the truth brings chaos, then let there be chaos.”

~ Khayri R.R


Navya Luhadia, Director of ECOSOC, is a dynamic force driven by goals and a passion for making a difference. She fearlessly tackles issues head-on, always staying on top of the situation. Though her candid nature has gotten her into trouble at times, it only adds to her authenticity. Among her friends, Navya is known as the ultimate MUN enthusiast.


Don't let her bright and sweet demeanour fool you. Once in the heat of debate, Navya unleashes her exceptional straightforwardness, standing firmly by her arguments. This unwavering determination has elevated her MUN experience, earning her the privilege of chairing conferences on both national and international stages.


For Navya, ECOSOC is a thrilling committee that delves into a vast range of topics—from poverty reduction and sustainable development to gender equality and global health. She takes it upon herself to understand each delegate, pushing them to step out of their comfort zones. Her vision for the committee is to foster a respectful and engaging environment, where participants actively contribute and arrive well-prepared.


In her role as the director of ECOSOC, Navya Luhadia strives to shed light on pressing issues of our ever-changing world, aiming to make HFSMUN 2023 an unforgettable learning experience for all those present. Get ready for an exhilarating journey as Navya leads the way towards new heights of knowledge and meaningful discussions.

"Listen to your heart, it'll lead you in the right place."

~ Emily, The Next Step


Get ready to witness the dynamic leadership of Saisriyaa Patro, the Assistant Director of ECOSOC at HFSMUN 2023. Armed with an arsenal of economic expertise and a knack for tackling the social nuances of committee mandates, she's here to rock your MUN experience like never before!


Saisriyaa is a true economics aficionado, aiming to major in the subject. With a proven track record of chairing UNGA and UNHRC, she brings her finely-honed skills to the social battlefield of ECOSOC, creating a diplomatic symphony of policies, resolutions, and awkward icebreakers. 


Wondering how to get on her good side? Well, it's simple—just be nice to everyone! Saisriyaa doesn't do favourites, but she does serve justice on the side of kindness and punishes malevolence with a lightning-fast gavel strike!


As a self-proclaimed overthinker extraordinaire, Saisriyaa values love and kindness over money and fame, giving her a strategic advantage in the game of life. And when she's not ruling the MUNiverse, she surprises friends with her hidden talent as a state-level 10-metre pistol shooter. Targeting resolutions by day and bullseyes by night, she's truly a formidable dynamo to interact with.


So, prepare to be mesmerised as Saisriyaa unleashes her MUN magic, charming delegates with her witty banter, and leading ECOSOC to new heights of political glory. Watch the legend in action, as she effortlessly dances between resolutions and the occasional Chicken Dance, making her committee a memorable and laughter-filled adventure!


Saisriya Patrao



Agastya Bagchi

Assistant Director

‘Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder."

~ Rumi


The Assistant Director of ECOSOC, Agasya Bagchi, is a formidable presence in the committee. Armed with the jewels of curiosity, perseverance and most importantly, tenaciousness, Agastya feels a deep connection with ECOSOC as to him, Economics and Social welfare are not only intricately linked but also are major factors when it comes to formulating Global Policy. 


Being a bookworm, Agastya naturally hankers after knowledge. He is a student of Life and prefers to spend his time researching and replenishing his knowledge on a wide range of topics, from Particle Physics to Modern History - no book unturned. You may also catch him watching Big Bang Theory in the middle of an unmoderated caucus!


Despite being a first-time EB, his thought process is revolutionary and incredibly wise. He hopes to encourage delegates to use MUN as a platform to learn, evolve and reach great heights while at the same time remaining grounded by using their skills and research not to debate but to deliberate.


Agastya is the epitome of a perfect leader because he understands the sheer value of different opinions and believes that a leader shouldn’t force his ideas onto others but rather, come to a mutual understanding by keeping an open mind and encouraging conscious and intentional discussions. He is enthusiastic and looks forward to witnessing the committee from the flip side of the coin. 

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