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Economic And Social Council 


  • Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of de dollarization, and the introduction of other more stable currencies as substitutes.

  • Addressing the role and importance of free journalism in protecting civil liberty and freedom of speech.

The Executive Board

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"Listen to your heart, it'll lead you to the right place." - Emily (The Next Step).


Saisriya Patro, our Director of UNDP, has been an active member of around 50 MUNs over the course of 4 years. Incredibly organised in her work, she often comes across as domineering, but don’t worry, we’ve seen her melt like Swiss chocolate on a hot day. She prides herself on her 170-mark grading system but what she’s definitely not proud of, is her title of the “mom friend” amongst her peers. She expresses her creativity through dance, music, and theatre, and has been teaching performing arts to underprivileged children for the past 6 years as her way of giving back to the community. However, MUN particularly intrigued her as it is the best platform for students to actively discuss major global challenges affecting society at large. UNDP is important to her as it allows participants to debate on a wide range of topics, especially in relation to the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Along with her expertise and dedication, she is always happy to meet new delegates and show them the beauty of MUNs. She hopes to give first-time delegates a great MUN experience and promises to be an approachable and helpful chair.

“I’ll tell you a secret that will see you through all the trials that life can offer. Have courage and be kind.”

If you mention Doctor Who or Dark and hear a screech of pure joy, then it most likely belongs to Tamanna Dharamsey as she’s fiendishly obsessed with anything related to time travel. Our director for UNDP this year is, quote-unquote, “very small” but don’t be fooled, she can boss you around if she wants to (although we think she is too nice to do it). If you are nervous about your first meeting with her, don’t be, because she is good at breaking the ice, thanks to her amazing sense of humour. Tamanna is fascinated by psychology and adores literature. Aside from academics, she also enjoys creative pursuits like painting and is classically trained in kathak. She believes UNDP to be a committee that tackles problems in the present and prepares the world for a better future. She encourages the delegates to be unafraid of taking calculated risks and to use their lobbying time wisely. Seeing these wonderful tips from her, we have no doubt that the delegates under Tamanna’s guidance are in for a highly memorable experience.



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Assistant Director

“Do not go gentle into that good night; Fight! Fight against the dying of the light!”

Teesta Bhattacharya, Assistant Director for UNDP this year, is the most ambitious and driven person you will ever meet, stopping at nothing to accomplish her goals. An experienced MUNer, she can personally relate to just how difficult it is for delegates to speak in front of a crowd, and therefore, wishes to get them out of their shell and make the atmosphere comfortable. She’s highly fascinated by how humanity persists even when a country or a community grows through dark times. This interest led her to the UNDP as it paves the way to move forward and develop these countries.

She has a tendency to talk with her hands, emphasizing each and every point to its maximum (which has resulted in multiple hilarious occasions where she’s slapped herself). Although, she is guilty of spending a questionable amount of time watching Formula 1 and anime, practicing different styles of dance will always be her first love. We are sure her substantial experience in MUNs will guarantee a riveting and enjoyable experience for every delegate.

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