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Model United Nations



Head of School Kalyani Patnaik

HFS MUN, founded in 2012 by the IBDP and ISC section of the Hiranandani Foundation School, has grown into a beacon for young minds to engage and resolve global affairs over the years. With over 350+ delegates from schools across India participating in 2023, it has made its standstill in the MUN community of Mumbai. Despite its impressive success, HFSMUN strives to maintain its original goal of nurturing awareness about international issues among young students and developing responsible future leaders who can participate in solving social, political, humanitarian, and economic crises across the world.

The event is set to be held on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of August and is a testament to the tireless efforts of the school's students and faculty, who have worked day and night to ensure its grand success.


Secretary-General Neev Ramani

Neev Ramani,

Dear Delegates, Faculty Advisors, and my fellow MUN enthusiasts,

I am Neev Ramani and as Secretary-General, it is my distinct honour to invite you to the Hiranandani Foundation School Model United Nations Conference 2024. If you haven’t attended HFS MUN in the previous years, I can attest that participating in the XIIIth session of this revered conference will truly be a life-changing experience for you. As for those who’ve had the privilege of joining us before, I can guarantee that this year’s conference promises to set a bar higher than ever before.

HFS MUN 2024 will be held on August 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 2024, once again in the hallowed halls of Meluha - The Fern. As always, the conference aims to embody the United Nations through a multifaceted approach with 7 exciting new committees:

United Nations General Assembly (UNGA);

United Nations Security Council (UNSC);

Disarmament & International Security Committee (DISEC);

United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC);

World Health Organisation (WHO);

League of Nations; and

Indian Crisis Cabinet (ICC),

Along with of course the traditional Night Crisis Committee (NCC).


As an avid participant of HFS MUN in the positions of a Delegate, Executive Board Member, and now, the Secretary-General, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this conference grow, and with it, myself. I can proudly say that HFS MUN has led to the metamorphosis of my quiet and sensitive self into a bold petitioner of efficient and logical arguments, as it has done for countless others. On behalf of the entire Secretariat and Organising Committee, I, then, invite you to see this metamorphosis for yourself at HFS MUN 2024.


In a world replete with conflicts, with authoritarianism on the rise, with human rights fading away, with hunger devouring the poor, and with diplomacy in crisis above all, we must act and we must act now. The onus is upon us, delegates; it is upon you. At HFS MUN, you won’t just be a student, you won’t just be a teenager, you’ll be a cognisant citizen of the new world order fearlessly advocating for a better world.


The only question that remains is: are you ready to make your mark?



Neev Ramani,




An MUN is not just a conference- it is an opportunity to empower, enlighten and educate the changemakers of the world. When students assume the role of diplomats, they become cognizant of the power that they have to bring about a positive impact in the lives of millions and society at large. I delved into the enthralling world of global affairs during my first MUN back in 2020 and it was a life changing experience for me as I learnt about the violation of human rights and the atrocities committed against the Uyghur Muslims in China. I took a vow that day to use the skills that I had honed to make a difference even outside my committee and MUN conferences. This year at HFS MUN, we will do everything within our power to ensure that each delegate has the most enriching and exhilarating experience ranging from scintillating debate and amusing committee sessions to an exemplary night crisis session and obviously, delectable brownies! I hope that at the end of three days, each one of you gets inspired to create an impact even outside committee! 

Tanisha Chadha,


HFS MUN 2024.

Director-General Tanisha Chadha

Tanisha Chadha,


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