Model United Nations 2021


From the Desk of the Secretary-General


Advait Sangle
Secretary General

Dear Delegates,

It gives me immense pleasure to invite you to the Tenth Edition of the Hiranandani Foundation School Model United Nations. It started as a program to help students deliberate over some of the most pressing issues in recent times. The foundation of HFS MUN has helped us stay true to the vision of our school.

Model UN has personally transformed my life - it has gifted me the ability to speak confidently, to stand up for myself, and truly understand an issue with all it's nuances. I hope this year's conference does the same for you in any capacity whatsoever.

Model UN has always felt like a reflection of the real world - with it's flashy suits, occasionally backstabbing colleagues, and complex power dynamics - but it also reflects our ability to come together and find solutions, cooperate, and fix world problems.

This year, HFSMUN brings to you a variety of committees - a UNGA and a UNHRC to find diplomatic solutions to complex global issues, an ICC and a JCC to test your spontaneity, leadership, and crisis-management, and a UNSC to give you a taste of what binding power over nations feels like. We expect you to be assertive yet agreeable, nationalistic but diplomatic, and tough but fair.

We cordially invite all the zealous and inquisitive students to attend the conference and be a part of fiery debates, groundbreaking resolutions and last but not least sow the seeds of lifelong friendships.


HFS MUN will be held on Zoom, on the 6th, 7th, and 8th of August, 2021. We truly look forward to hosting you this year.

Yours sincerely,
Advait Sangle,
Secretary General,
HFSMUN 2021.


Founded in 2012, by the ISC and IBDP sections of the Hiranandani Foundation School, Powai, the HFS Model United Nations Conference has grown to a landmark MUN in the city, with over 300 delegates participating from various prestigious schools across the nation. However, past all its success, HFS MUN still retains its original humble yet noble purpose—to promote awareness about the issues of the world in the impressionable minds of young students and to create intelligent, responsible youth who shall aid in laying foundations to solve the social, political, humanitarian and economic crises across the globe. 

From the geopolitical and military tensions in the Middle East to the illicit drug trafficking across international borders, MUNs expose students to global issues and mould them into mature and well-informed individuals, who are capable of dealing with issues responsibly and diplomatically. At HFS MUN, we have a similar goal. This event, to be held on the 6th, 7th and 8th August, is a proud culmination of the efforts and hard work undertaken by the students and faculty of the school to make it a true success.

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